Reba <3

The flaming red hair, the gorgeous blue eyes, and the amazing larger than Life and Heaven Charisma, that’s Reba.

My Reba.

The Reba that has stayed with me since I was six through thick and thin and saw it all with me. Not a thing that ever happened to me, did she not have a song for.

The Reba, the legend.

The love of my Life. 

Something about Reba’s voice that makes you wanna grab a cup of hot coco and an arm chair and sit your arse down and just listen.

Those eyes the way they can say so much, without even a stutter.

Warm, childish, and silly, in addition to naughty, calm, and wise.

 So many controversies in one Woman.

Who sees her on stage, won’t know her in her husbands arms, and will never make her out in her son’s football game.

 Simply Beautiful Reba!

 Suits all ages and will make it on the cover of “The Saturday Evening Post” and won’t find a sexier diva then her to pose for a lingerie line =D (I Loved that Cover WOW!)

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