New daylight

Salma Asks - سلمى تسأل

It’s 3:34 pm on Wednesday. I’m in the newsroom in my workplace where I still don’t know if I’ll come tomorrow and continue working or not. So many thoughts are now in my mind, as usual, very random, and very urging.

Mostly my thoughts are about my LEAD 6 friends, graduation, the unknown future, and all the other attempts to fight stress and depression, as well as standing up for my beliefs.

I don’t know really how to reflect on four and a half years with the LEAD program, being enrolled at AUC, and having my life turned upside down. I’ll try my best though. I need to document this.

Time: June 2009. Specifically it was during my Thanawiya Amma final exams. I was filled with stress and uncertainty. Not looking forward that much to my final grades, or to what I am going to do with my life. I was…

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