I have a Fucking Right to Fucking Swear Whenever I Fucking WANT TO!!!

A women raising an A4 paper on it was these words “I don’t need Sex the government Fucks me Everyday.” Simple yet profound.  

We only say Fuck when we’re so Fucked Up that it only seems to be the only suitable word for the Fucked Up situation we’re in.

So why don’t we remember social customs, dos and don’ts, and the Socially Acceptable Cliche then?

Because it just doesn’t matter then.

We have reached the peak and in that peak nothing socially invented matters a Dime!!!

I decided that I am at that peak all year round 24/7, doesn’t take Occupy Orlando to give me a free permit to give you a piece of my Fucking Mind!!!

And you know what since then I am just this much healthier and it sure feels so damn good after you’ve given a piece of Shit what he deserves and honestly had coming for him or her self!!!

So in addition to an over dose of R rated material, what am I going to get out of this F***ing Blog Post you ask?

Well I am a little offended, I am tempted to say, my bluntness and crossing over every red line and saying things classifying as UNSPOKEN isn’t enough for your sorry ass =/ (Do excuse my language =D) ?


Okay cowboy, down boy.

What I meant to say is this: We spend our entire life times keeping every damn real emotion we ever feel bottled up.

I am not talking about love only, I am talking about rage, anger, desperation, hate, frustration, and so many more feelings that we keep under layers of norms,  rules, and No I can nots.

That women in Orlando she looked so free, like nothing else in the world mattered more than the NOW.

Shouldn’t that be the Norm?

Shouldn’t that be the NORM?

But it isn’t and it doesn’t look like it’s going to be any time soon.

But maybe it is just around the corner, if we say Fuck more often or in my mother tongue A7A!!!

Marwa Arafa