I was TOTALLY Mad but YOU Can’t Blame Me for Being So Pathetically NAIVE =D

How do you vote? And I mean how do you really vote?

On which bases do you judge if the candidate is worthy of your vote or not?

Do you base your decision on knowledge, experience?

Or do you just follow the judgment of the leaders you trust?

Did you know that our university is a small model of the presidential governing system?

When a lot of us say that the AUC is a small model of Egypt, we say it in a mere rhetoric manner not knowing that actually in reality that statement is 100% true.

The student government that governs AUC is a small model of the Egyptian government that governs Egypt.

Just like the Egyptian government suffered over the last thirty years, the student government did too.

Both of them have the same problems, the same dilemmas, and need pretty much the same solutions.

You see the Egyptian constitution is not the only one that needs to be rewritten or reformed; AUC’s constitution sadly does too.

The aucian community has always been in some sort of bubble, which prevented it over the years from really becoming part of the Egyptian society.

When we moved to the New Campus the bubble expanded.

Now we have in our community the same problems that the rest of the communities and organizations in the Egyptian society have which is normal since (whether we like it or not) we are part of this society yet, our bubble prevents us from undergoing the same process of reform.

It’s like everyone is moving forward and we backwards.

That’s why the SU Presidential Elections 2011 are critical because they are the turning point. (We particularly”I” got SCREWED OVER and the WORLD didn’t END so boohoo MOI)

We move either our much needed move forward or we go back more than we are already going.  (Yup no MORE Back then this but then I am the one who wrote this SHIT a couple of months back =D)

The only thing that distinguished the aucian student union from every other student union in the country is that its president is chosen by the general assembly through elections (Popularity Contest where SMART MOUTHED ASSES like me try to convince MUCH SMARTER PASSIVE PEOPLE to VOTE in an ELECTION that WON’T MATTER a SCRAP in the SHIT we’re DROWNING IN anyhow).

Not assigned like every other student union president in the country. Now after the revolution that’s gone because now all the student union presidents for every university in Egypt will be chosen based on elections just like us. So bye bye unique and hello normal! That’s not the only thing that’s changing a lot of major changes are happening in all the universities in Egypt public and private just not to us. ( What the hell was I thinking, what makes us unique in the first place, ROLE MODEL my ASS and ESU my ASS).

Everyone is moving forward and we don’t even have the privilege of staying where we are, we are moving backwards. ( Now that’s RIGHT ON FINALLY)

We need to start acting, we need to start showing people that a revolution did happen and things did change, and they will even more. We need to start with ourselves; the way think, our reactions, and finally how we vote. ( =) )

This year is different and we need to show people that this year is different. (Well Its over and I guess in so many FUCKED UP ways it was DIFFERENT)

Let NEXT YEAR Be Better Please, you DREADED SPRING =S




To Mrs. Lisa Anderson with Love and A7A Of Course

First of All, I wanted to send my sincere thanks and appreciation regarding the spectacular changes you took on the administration’s behalf.

I have to add they were extremely valuable and really gave the Aucian Community the sense and impression that well, AUC’s Administration is completely senseless.

I am a cat lover myself, I love dogs too just not when they are running across my universities’ plaza.

So yes I do appreciate Mr. El Sayed’s new post, I really do but well Mr. President put yourself in my shoes.

Your workers are going on strike every couple of weeks, your offices have enough corruption in them to rot a country not a mere university, your students are going on strike this morning because we “the elite” as you like to refer to us behind closed doors can’t afford your tuition fees anymore, and you set an ANIMAL IN DISTRESS HOTLINE.

You can just imagine how we feel right now at least I like to think you can the alternative isn’t pretty and is very insulting to this university’s reputation.

Mrs. Anderson we are human beings we are pampered, we are Le crème de la glace but we snap, we have had enough, and you are in hot water, the sooner you understand that the better.

Our AUC mails that you have addressed in your email claiming that they are completely secure and cannot be tampered with and may I quote  “life-long” email addresses are penetrated and aren’t long anything at all.

On the other hand, if you believe that they are then please explain how and why was  Mrs. Samia Abdel El- Latif’s (former IQM Director (Management Center)) email address  canceled although she is an Aucian graduate student?

Mrs. Samia presented her resignation letter after some serious violations were done in her department by well our own current Dean of  the School of Business  Sherif Kamel, but lets leave that story for another time.

Why and How was Mrs. Wafaa Youssef (Former Admin Assistant of DDC) email account canceled as well? Mrs. Wafaa has filed a case in The Egyptian Court of Justice against AUC because she was unrightly acquitted from her job in AUC. She has even convicted Mr. Samir Reyad (Director of Human Resources Department) to a month in jail; an official arrest warrant is yet to be issued.

Notice anything, both of these respectable members of our little community have seen unjustified injustice on AUCIAN GROUNDS and they both got their emails deleted, Google or not. You didn’t seem to have any problem penetrating and interfering those?

RESPECT OUR IQs please and when someone is pissed off don’t piss them off more for your own sake.

You might never know what he has to fire back at you and trust me there is a lot to fire back at THIS ADMINISTRATION WITH.

What we are asking of you is not a miracle or an act of God; we are simply asking to be respected at least like the cats in this university.

Honestly, all these students complaining and it didn’t even cross your minds to put up A STUDENTS IN DISTRESS HOTLINE, A WORKERS IN DISTRESS HOTLINE, A STAFF IN IMMEDIATE NEED OF HELP HOTLINE …

No it didn’t and you know what that’s just PATHETIC. It’s pathetic that this university values its cats more than its students, more than its community, and MORE THAN ITS PEOPLE.

It’s just plain pathetic.

AUC I really do hope that this is a new era and that we learn from our previous mistakes and start leading this university into OUR BELOVED NEW EGYPT.

As for you Mrs. Anderson, do say hello to your cats and a kiss kiss to your beloved Aucian animals. 

Marwa Arafa