Solidarity with the hunger strikers in Egypt


Egypt Solidarity

alaa_hungerstrikeA growing number of political prisoners in Egypt have started hunger strikes in protest at lengthy jail terms, long periods of pre-trial detention, and ill-treatment in prison.

Download powerpoint presentations with a full list of hunger strikers both inside and outside prison (correct on 6 September 2014) [inside prison] and [outside prison]

Ahmed Maher

One of the founders of the 6th April Youth Movement which was born out of the mobilisation for a general strike in solidarity with workers in Mahalla in 2008. He was charged with breaking the repressive anti-protest laws in December 2013 and sentenced to three years in jail.

Began hunger strike 20 August 2014.

Ahmed Douma

A well-known activist who was imprisoned by Mubarak before the revolution, and jailed under every government since 2011. He was most recently charged with breaking the anti-protest laws in December 2013 and sentenced to 3…

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