We are loved…

I am one stubborn gal, I know that much, it’s a fact. It brings a truck load of shit to deal with, but well a friend of mine told me today that people don’t remember failures, they remember successes and it doesn’t matter how many times you fail, because that doesn’t stay.

I am who I’m gonna be said the diva Reba.

But some days, actually as all of you know all too well, most days, we fail, we fall, we shatter, we reexamine, we mess up once more, then we attempt to make it all okay, and end up more lost than ever.

When we reach that point, we remember God and we pray. We pray. Pity how we only remember the Lord in our saddest predicaments. Such kind, gentle, sweet, compassion, and sympathy is only thought of in disasters, why he bears us is to me a mystery.

Why, oh why does the being of all beings, the almighty put up with poor, old in soul, pitiful, so weak, so damn fragile beings like us? Why?

Some claim that it’s because we are his children but I don’t believe so. You see through the eyes of my soul, it’s always been about Love. God loves us. So oh very much.

We are loved, we live our lives making our way through our troubled paths, looking for one thing either give or take, to be loved. Not knowing that we were loved by the only One who matters since the beginning of our creation.

In moments like these when we are at our knees, when we wish for the love of a human being so much, we miss it. We miss our most graceful gift, we miss it.


So I am just reminding myself despite the shit, that I am loved…