Pass it On: Grants for Syrian Artists Living in Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey, or Iraq

Arabic Literature (in English)

According to the British Council call for applications, this is open to “any art form,” which presumably includes writing, theatre productions, and other arts:

BritishCouncilChileProgram organizers write:

The programme reflects the British Council’s belief in the right to free expression and in the power of art to inspire social change. Specifically, it will look to support artistic initiatives – involving any art form – that develop new or existing networks; that raise awareness and solidarity among refugee host communities; and that record or represent the very best of Syrian culture.

Proposals will be selected based on how they contribute to one (or more) of the following four objectives:

  • To advance contemporary forms of expression by supporting innovative Syrian artists.
  • To raise awareness and solidarity among host populations or foreign audiences (e.g. the UK) regarding the experience of Syrian refugees.
  • To record and preserve Syrian culture and/or the Syrian refugee experience.
  • To…

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