Kareem James Abu-Zeid on Why *You* Should Apply for a Banff Residency


Yes, he means you. Well, at least if you’re a translator in the Americas or translating an American work. Apologies to non-Americas-based translators of Arabic literature:

Translator Kareem James Abu-Zeid, who was runner-up for the Banipal prize for his translation of Cities Without Palmsspent three weeks last year at the Banff International Literary Translation Centre. There, he worked on a translation of Rabee Jaber’s The Mehlis Report.  According to Abu-Zeid, the experience “was incredible. In addition to vastly improving both my translating skills and the novel I was working on at the time (and leading to a new book contract), it was also pretty amazing to spend 3 weeks in the incredible beauty and nature of Banff with a really wonderful group of translators and writers.”

“The book is a much better read because fo that residency,” Abu-Zeid added.

The application deadline for next year’s residency…

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