- There. See? There it is.
If you're looking for Egyptian Air Defense codes,
I'm keeping them in my socks these days.
- See, I knew it.
You'll never get over that, will you?
You couldn't.

- I'm afraid that's classified.

- You actually think, what, I'm playing you?
- That's crazy, right?

This felt like an assignment to you?
Three days? All this?

What was the objective? Rug burn?

- Who knows, maybe you didn't want me
in Cairo yesterday.

- God, that's so sad.

Because that's exactly
what I was just thinking.

That maybe you're playing me,
that you canceled my call.

That this was just some revenge
to get back at me for Dubai.

Then I'm thinking how terrible it is
that I think that way.

Then I realize we both think that way.

Then I'm thinking,

is that what makes this so worth it?

Is that it?

That I know you're thinking
exactly what I'm thinking?

Because then I'm thinking, do we both
think like that because of what we do?

Are we good at what we do
because we think like that?

- Everybody thinks like that.
They just don't say it.

- Civilians don't think like that.
- Bullshit.

- Nobody trusts anybody. We just cop to it.
- Okay. So cop to it.

- Me? I think you better go first.
- Why? What am I hiding?

- This wasn't an accident, was it?

Being here. Meeting like this.

You came looking for me, didn't you?

- You'd like that, wouldn't you?
- I'm right, though, aren't I?

Because you went looking for me, right?

But why? Just for this?

- Isn't that enough?
- Not for you.

What are we into, Claire?

Can you imagine living like this?

- How much fun we could have?
- Aren't we in enough trouble?

I mean, having the money.

- Keep going.
- How much do you think we'd need?

- $20 million?
- I was thinking 40.

So what do you have to do
to get $40 million?

Go private.

Be smart.

Get lucky.

How smart?

Smart enough to pick the right partner.

- Private, you mean. . .
- Corporate.

And lucky?

Be someplace when something's happening.

Be there first, hear it first.

- Something inside.
- Something big.

- But do it up right.
- Set it deep. Take your time.

Know your way out before you go in.

- You know what I think?
- I think you like the idea.

- I think you missed me.
- I think you canceled my call.

So, we're even.



Me and You ❤


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