Catching the Wind

“I was in the winter of my life and the men I met along the road were my only summer.” Lana Del Rey.

Many wish they’d be given a heads up when it’s “Their Time” “The Time of Times” we all know when we’re screwed but we don’t know the Golden Moments till they pass through our fingertips like sand…

We recall at seventy with such heartbroken intimacy our priceless moments always ending the memory with, “If I had only known…” “Little did I know…” “I didn’t know  back then that, that was one of THE Moments in my life…” 

Soft Lips, picks up quick too, became a decent – scratch that – superb kisser in absolutely no time… 

Always tasted fresh, innocent despite of everyone and everything that toppled over her and through her…

They wondered how she did but it was quite simple really she walked on… she just made sure to always walk on!

Heels, Sneakers, Cheap or Not! She turned up dirt, printed in the mud, sank in quick sand, and skipped through weeds and grass!

She carried Yesterday with the ignorance of the innocent, hoped for tomorrow with the naivety of school girls, and above all she twirled her way through today….

Never had the terminology but always nailed the context! She never knew how to pronounce Faith but it kept her warm on endless nights of disappointments that seemed for a mere second to bring her as close as she ever got to hear her back snap!

She was always shouting over herself, a child really trying to yell louder than the voice inside… She ran away from Home seeking Glory and came back after many years with nothing more than a trunk load of unforgivable mistakes…

She’s always on her way… Always trying to explain her constant dares and misgivings… but in waste for how can she explain her emptiness, loss, and constant quest for a Home to Souls who had a Resting Place… 

How can she explain that something irreplaceable  is missing from her Heart… She doesn’t know the when, the where, the how, or the who… It’s just Gone.

In constant search for chivalry, for her next knight in shining armor even if he’s just for show! 

Safety and Security being in the Wind… She’s just chasing the Wind! 

No Safe and Sound… A Never Ending Quest… A Fool’s Errand Really!

Catching the Wind…


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