Game Out! (At least for Moi)

All I’m asking you is to take a leap of faith with me, to leave the door open just a crack for the impossibly possible to tip toe in… Will you please? For me? Won’t you do that one and only favor for me? Your eyes will witness what you thought can’t be possible… Every girl falls at least once in her life time for that one guy who chooses every tramp or good for nothing or simply harmless annoying gal that he comes across over her, right? Story goes like this by the time he wakes up and smells the roses she (us) are long gone. By the time he gets his head around the FACT that she (us) are his one and only or true fit or that one poor yes poor soul who is insanely in love with him enough to put up with him till he finds God or Salvation or his BS purpose in life or whatever fucked up fancy shmanzy he needs to find we leave we move on. It takes us a while but we move on and God it takes him ages too to figure it out… But I’m different, we’re (I have no right to say we though) different, I don’t want to move on… I don’t want to go on… I don’t want to sleep with another or kiss a random misguided soul so he can help me swift swiftly away from your eyes grasp once and for all or even for a little while… I don’t. I want YOU.

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