Scattering and Vicious are the words we shed when in pain, when in love, cruel at times to others whom we equally respect even love… We’d like to think of our selves as selfless, kind, and harmless at least to whom we intend no harm. But we actually hurt and torture much more people than we’d like to admit while simply following our hearts… How can something so gentle so true, like following ones own heart and instincts cause so much hate and despair, cause so much tears and can’t be rid of scars? We never mean to but we do, we never even intend to but we end up red handed with the same hideous crime time after time… We are caught one too many times hurting people that we hold nothing but respect towards or in many other times we may even hold indifference but still hurting the innocent weighs on ones conscience like no other act can… See in these times you don’t just feel bad, you feel scared that your path will intersect with another who might do that to you one day… Hurt the knockers out of you unintentionally cause to you there won’t be a thing unintentional about it! It won’t matter on purpose or not to you right then and there hurt is hurt and the case rests right there with the verdict in the horizon known by heart and guilty conscience… You see every story, every situation has more than one “factor” involved all mean well, all think they are doing themselves and their loved ones justice but thing is good intentions intersect and crash and leave everyone involved hurt just a little and sometimes.. sometimes hurt a whole damn lot! Apologies don’t do much but most times they’re all you have to extend your hand with, so I apologize to all whom I’ve hurt and all I will hurt… All you really need to know is that I never meant to…



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