Simply Okay…

I hope it’s nice where you are, cause I love you and it’s beauty is in its simplicity and it’s okay. It’s okay to simply love you and to give in to your love. I loved you yesterday, I’ll love you Tomorrow and I love you today. Truth is there are rare moments in life when you need to simply give in… Give in to Love, Give in to Sleep after a Long Day, Give in to Hope, Give in to Depression Even! Give in and Let it envelop you, stop fighting and stop struggling and just allow it to envelop you… Loving you has consumed me but now I finally get it fighting it, along its lines, and desperately through it  that was what was consuming me, not love. I love you too much and I was this close to hate you cause I didn’t know what else to do to make you feel my love… But now I don’t hate you, you see now I just love you and I’m satisfied to say I will always love and I will always be there for you through thick and thin. I believe in you unconditionally and I have ultimate faith in you and love I’m tempted to say once more even proud to exclaim, I love you and that’s simply okay.



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