Lie Baby Lie… But Pretty Please Do Tell

I lie a lot. Everybody lies a lot, I just have the guts to say that I do publicly. 

News Flash:

It’s okay to screw up, cheat, double cross, mess up (even big time), but do please tell. Pretty Please. Especially if the people you have fucked matter to you and if they do to you then most probably you do to them.

They will forgive you, most won’t probably forget, but then that’s what presents, hugs, kisses, and chocolate is for. Just that. Thing is they do too, lie, cheat, double cross, and mess up, so they forgive. Only people they don’t forgive are the ones they were planning to let go of anyway. SO TELL. It’s okay. You’re loved and if you do just that, you’ll be respected to.

We love, I love you. I forgive you in advance, I really do. That’s the truth. I forgive you in advance cause I love you, so I promise to forgive but I will not forget.

Marwa Arafa

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