Out looking for Him…

All I need is a pair of warm arms to hold me till the break of dawn. Warm and loving, arms that don’t demand physical attraction or emotional attention. 

This post was supposed to be about someone who made me forget that someone, who I just don’t seem to know how to get over or beyond. As it turned out I didn’t love him not really or maybe I did. I think I sort of did, scratch that out, he still gives me butterflies when he looks at me. But butterflies don’t mean love, not always, right? So yes he did make me forget temporarily. Every time I see him, I still kind of do, for a kind of a while, just a while. Thing is I stopped saying even hi, he knows me all too well. And can’t skip the fact that he went into a relationship with a close friend of mine and one of the sweetest girls ever. So I don’t say hi anymore. He still knows me all too well anyhow. It’s sad when the people who know you more than anyone else move good and away. But they do and you seldom move up but you sure as hell move the fuck on.

That was a very short chapter of my life.

A damn short one. No sugar coat. No lessons. No long complicated crap. It’s done. Over.

Much happened after and much have been resolved through. So I’m going to tell you about that instead. 

I was just out looking for him and I ended up with HIM. I wasn’t really myself. I was looking as far as over the rainbow for him…


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