Write them a Love Letter…

In the novel Julie and Julia by Julie Powel, Julie emphasized and thoroughly discussed the new SMS relationships that erupt nowadays. How much easier it is to be intimate in a text then real life now. I was thinking a couple of days back how women and men both should start writing love letters. There is a reason you know why they were so common in the old days. Maybe technology is a double-edged Jagger like many claim. 

The written word never lost its spark or emails would have done the trick right? Word Press and Blogger wouldn’t have made a fortune. We wouldn’t have needed Ezine or Biznik. We would have just made do with LOLs and XOs. But we didn’t and they do make a fortune. Because actual spoken and written words in real handwriting on gorgeous looking paper are important. No matter what culture you come from, background, or upbringing. Our mother’s and grandmother’s have a letter stashed somewhere, right? Whether your grandpa was away on business or fighting the Nazis. A letter was always there hidden somewhere, to take out and reminisce when the days grow weary and the nights grow long.

What will I have to show my kids when they come? A folder in my email inbox. A chat history. How lame is that? And really Julie there is no romance in that at all! All women ever want and keep continuously asking for is romance. How are you supposed to have that when you don’t want to make the simplest effort like writing a letter. On a blog a couple of days back, the blogger’s husband put her sticky notes with words of love all over the house. She found one on the refrigerator when she was reaching for the milk for her morning coffee, another on the cupboard, another on the iron, another on the bathroom door, and another on the door of their apartment, all over the house. She later knew that he woke up 5 am to make her all that. That’s someone who works on his relationship, who does the effort. You want the romance you gotta sweat the sweat.

So don’t tell me that Love Letters are old and had their glory days already. Go write the one you love  a love letter even if it’s on a sticky note that will be thrown away most probably. Tell them you love them, show them that you love them. Write them a Love Letter.

Let me give you a push, it should probably go something like this:

Dear Love,

To me that’s what you are and what you will always be my love. Today, tomorrow, and baby you were my one and only yesterday. I love you won’t do and promises fail. All I have to offer you is my love, heart, and soul. Claim them for they are yours. All yours. For the day my heart set it’s mind on loving you, they automatically became YOURS.

Yours Truly,

A Woman who loves you today, loved you yesterday, and will keep on loving you tomorrow.

Marwa Arafa

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