Defy the Norm

“I love you”, yeah just hit me with the image that pops up at the top of your head. Sweet guy, cute girl, damns good scenery. NAH!

Never would it occur to you that it would be a cute girl saying it to a shy guy whose head over heels in love with her, a blunt girl saying it to a boy that might feel the same or not, or a women brave enough to demand what she deserves and not waste a minute on foreplay. No because you and all of us are slaves of the norms, of our own misconceptions.

So that never occurs to us, none the less God forbid actually do something of a similar manner. 

The guy has to be the one to start, it’s romantic that way. NO, it is perceived that it is more romantic that way. The most romantic marriage proposals ever performed were, yes wait for it, proposals by women!

So why do we do this to ourselves? Well obvious reasons would be insecurities, social pressures and customs, issues, hand me on previous experiences either your own or someone else’s (they think you’re cheap, an easy target then). Well because not enough people defied the current norms to set new ones yes most probably he will. But if you say that and I say that and she says that, then nothing will ever change in this lifetime and not even frustratingly in the next one. So I say NO. I say I love you. I say I care. I say that for his sake and mine. If he loves you, nothing else will matter. If he does not well at the end of the day, he will sleep with a smile on his face knowing that he is loved. Naive you say. Kind I reply. I kind motto to live by and a damn good start for a life full of giving and love.

I might be naive. At least I do what I believe is right and true. Don’t you want to too?

Marwa Arafa


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