Never Did I Say I Love You from the Heart till I Said it to YOU, Baby to YOU.

Baby that song I wrote about the boy who might never know how much I care and how much I love him. A song about you, oh baby how I love you. 

It’s 2:10 and the night is young. I wanna cry, baby I just wanna cry.

But not all by myself, I want you here, here with me.

I wanna cry in front of you and may you drown in the tears of a girl like no other girl.

For no one will love you like I do.

And so I cry, I cry and I cry although you are no where to be found, I cry.

That song plays on, two actually not one. One hoping you’ll never change and the other wishing the right time comes because it’s cold and baby I need you NOW.

So oh very much.

Oh baby please come, baby do come.

Here I wait for snow in a country where rain is seldom found.

But I wait because baby I love you.

So I wait.

They said you’ll be lonely, all alone.

An Empty Bed is what always got me despite of everything else.

But my heart just can’t love anyone but YOU.

It’s not alone, it’s afraid that… you’ll never be mine.

I am just scared.

You are no where around to comfort me.

All I want is for you to ask.

To show me that you care just a little bit.

Just a little Bit…

Just a little Bit…

Who said that tears wash away the pain, words do.

As I cry, as I cry and think of you.

I can’t believe you dared say,

“Remember, you don’t know me”

“Or but how we never were that close”

As I cry, as I cry, I can’t help but think baby you ain’t dumb and you ain’t bind.

How can you not SEE? The why, the how, and when… 

They’re all there in my mind and heart, you never looked, you never cared.

You never loved me enough.

To look deep down, to really see, the why and how and when.

You don’t love me enough.

Wasting time on Nothing but Drama, suit yourself.

But know that I am right here, so head over heels in love with you.

Head over heels in Love with a Fool like you.

A girl that will never get tired and never go too blue to forget about you.

A girl who can’t believe you never knew, it’s all about you.

No I won’t move on and I don’t wanna see the God Damn Light, I just want you here with me.

I am gonna stay right here and wait.

Baby right here and wait for a Fool, a fool like you.

I am gonna keep on lovin you, till God takes your love away and out of my heart.

I’ll keep on Lovin You.

Oh baby I’ll keep on Lovin You.

Baby I LOVE YOU!!!

I was honest baby and I was true and here I am once again saying to you “I LOVE YOU”

The Very Beginning


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