Power of a Melody Intro =)

Music, my mum is an English professor; she teaches in Al Azhar University most of her students are from the country and although they try sometimes, words just plain fail them.

A girl once in a Literature and Arts in the 18th century class, was trying to explain that music breached all walls and acquires a one way paved road into the heart and soul.

Instead, what came out was that music has “Absolutely no affect on us whatsoever”, my mum was laughing like crazy.

She gave her the full mark for the question and when I exclaimed, “Excuse me!”

She replied, “We’re are talking about music and when we are then intentions and heart aims are everything not outcomes”.

I thought about that long and hard and I concluded that my mummy is right, it is music! I am a writer and music is a passion of mine.

Therefore, I picked five songs that I think are some of the most important songs ever sung or written. I am sure that there are better but well I mean well.

John Lennon’s song “Imagine” is to remind us that old is gold! That simplicity is everything and that a good song is immortal in the face of time and space. It reminds me that Peace is achievable and that as complicated as our current dilemmas are, they were the same as the inhabitants of Earth dilemmas decades ago and will stay the same for decades to come of that I am sure.

Tracy Chapman’s “Talkin about a Revolution” is a point well made that humanity’s struggle for freedom and justice is one and will always be. It is an amazing example of how a good song can be reborn in extraordinary historical times. That tables do turn always did and always will.

Pink’s song “Dear Mr. President” is the most incredible documentation of George Bush’s ordeals and legacy. It simply proves that America is not owned by or for the Americans and that issues the so called us “Third World” have are the same in the Bronx too.

Roger Waters song “We Shall Overcome” is audio proof that America’s Administration’s Strategy towards Palestine, our Palestine, and Middle East are not approved by true Americans who understand and don’t benefit from what is happening.

It is hope that Art is maybe just maybe the answer or even part of the solution.

El Sheikh Imam’s “Valerie Jescar Destin” is just a taste of Egyptian political melody and I could not resist spicing things up with. This is how politics affected and should affect ART! Listen and Learn. Ahmed Fouad Negm the Poetry LEGEND!

Marwa Arafa


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