Tears on the way HOME

All my life in my society a man’s tears have been associated with weakness but I personally always respected a man that was brave enough to let himself go and cry. Today Wael Ghoneim gave tears a whole new meaning full of pride and dignity and true Patriotism.

 Today I saw a man who struggled to open his eyes in the light after he had been in darkness for 12 days, I saw my beloved Egypt opening her eyes slowly and bit by bit it with his eyes, for his eyes were the eyes of the people, my people slowly they  began to see the big picture and when they did they cried, they cried with his sacred holy eyes tears of Glory, tears of Love, tears of Devotion. They cried because they knew better, they knew the truth a long time ago but were in denial but, thanks to him there eyes opened and they finally saw the light.

All the words in the world that all of us have been screaming for the past 12 days werent as strong as one tear from Wael Ghoneim’s eyes.

 Today I cried for the dead that sacrificed there lives but couldnt help myself from feeling jeleous as they won the honour of Heaven AlFardous Al2a3la Haneyalhom.

 Today I finally scrolled down my home page and saw a once again happy scene full of young patriots who will never know a more mystical love like the love of our Beloved Egypt.

 Today we cried but we had to cry to many they were tears of grief but to many others they will be remembered as tears of Salvation.Today we stand united by our love for this holy land, today we agree on the Love of the home but might tomorrow disagree on the means. But does it matter ? Do you really think all these young men who were brave enough to sacrifice their lives for us agreed on everything, they sure as hell agreed on their love to their country, they agreed that they have been oppressed for 30 years and that it was about time someone did something about it. These young men are just like you and me they are different each one very unique. They all wanted to rescue Egypt from Corruption some wanted a new Era for Art with all its forms and types, some wanted a new Era for the Economy, some wanted a new Era for the Political Scene in Egypt and many other New Eras but, they all wanted New Eras they all wanted dignity, they demanded dignity they wanted to live the rest of their lives with their heads up high. Thats all they wanted no more no less.

The system is falling it turned out to be not that strong in the first place but, we knew that we were just too scraed to act, too scared to speak, too scared to scream. Tomorrow we will stand united in Liberation Square and no one can stop us for the people have spoken and will keep speaking till their demands are met. No more Silence, No more Time Mr. President your time is up OUT. So just go Leave if you want a dignified way out then go now because tomorrow you will be kindly thrown off Egyptian Property ( A long over due predicament if you ask me).

So Egyptians united we stand and loyal patriots we fall. Freedom is so close I can smell it just hang on, dont give up, Scream and Shout, Demand dont ask for the time for being polite is lost, Now actions must speak for they are much louder than words.

Egypt will rise again regardless of all the people who are trying to aborpt the Revolution, we are not going to surrender. Death is a mere sacrifice for freedom and the future of our children so if it comes we will welcome it with open arms.


Marwa Arafa


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