Microphone Review

“Choose your itinerary, Choose your fate” a graffiti done by a 19 year old girl on the concrete blocks lining the croniche in Alexandria that was what inspired me to make this movie” says Ahmed Abd Allah the writer and director of the award winning movie Microphone.

For all of you out there who say that 25 Jan Revolution was spontaneous and sudden, you obviously had not watched Microphone.

You can see it all through Khaled (Khaled Abol Naga) the young protagonist who had just come home from the States to find that all his fantasies, dreams are just mirages, and that everything has changed.

He felt lost and lonely after his fiancé Hadeer (Menna Shalabi) left him, wandering through the streets of Alexandria he discovered that he was not the only one lost and out of place.

He stumbled upon the flaming youth of Alexandria painters, independent filmmakers, skateboarders, musicians and so much more.

All this passion and love, young people who have lived for so long alternative lives running away from routine jobs going unnoticed even ignored.

You will learn through Microphone that it has always been there the creativity, the dreams, the talent, and the determination.

You will learn to take a second look at things you had taken for granted for so long.

The director Ahmed Abd Allah tried very hard to escape from the profit dilemma seeking famous actors like Menna Shalabi and Khaled Abol Naga in order to transfer the movie from a documentary (that usually makes peanuts for money) to a mainstream commercial movie.

In addition, the director was on a very low budget the cast is no more than eight actors and the film is filmed with a Canon D7 camera, which actually made it easier to capture the daily lives of the underground artists in the back streets of Alexandria without getting much attention.

Microphone is no ordinary movie it’s an inspiration, it’s so full of music and art, bands like Mascara, Y- Crew, Masar Egbari, Sout fey Elzahma, graffiti art works that show you the  battle of the words and the drawings that encourage you to revolt and pursuit happiness .

No our revolution was not sudden at all it was just waiting in the back streets of Alexandria for someone to give it the microphone so it could finally be heard.

Marwa Arafa


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