Looney Gooneys!!!

Well well here, we go again sometimes I think nothing really changed it’s like we are all daydreamers fantasizing Atlantic or our so-called “Democratic Utopia”! Saudi Arabia yes yes people The Saudi Arabia that Zekra most probably got herself killed criticizing! Zekra’s song (which is easy to find just search for the song that killed Zekra) was one of the rare attempts to criticize the authoritarian Saudi kingdom and she was killed not too far after recording it. However, if she did die for this song then respect and appreciation goes to the amazing Tunisian singer for standing up to the “Almighty”.

The ruling family of Saudi Arabia and its army of princes and royalty are making it very hard for anyone not to criticize them these days. For gods sakes if Zekra ever saw this day she would probably sing an Operate not just a mere song! The military intrusion done by The Golf Countries Alliance (with Saudi Arabia one of its main members and the one who has men on the ground on Bahraini soil) is well just beyond any literal description that I can possibly put on paper.

From where I see it it’s a very weird almost disturbing triangle; on one end the Saudi’s are condemning Qazafi for his criminal acts in Libya, calling for Democracy and “standing” by the Libyan people, at the same time they are bribing their people so they won’t or don’t continue to hit the streets and squares and overthrow the royalty, you are going to love the finale the Saudi Army “Der3 El-Gezira” is on Bahraini soil restoring order to the streets! Didn’t they get the message yet?

Let me spell it out for you; people aren’t stupid, people won’t back down, and people rule countries not royalty or some divine elite.

The majority in Bahrain is Shiiaa and the Sunni (who are one fourth of the people) are the ruling party. Saudi Arabia won’t have a country governed by Shiiaa in its precious Gulf, but people they are the majority “This is what is called Democracy” you know that silly little thing that’s getting people killed every day.  So suck it up and mind your own business.

I mean since the NATO is the protector of all the little less fortunate people in the world these days you better go back Home and fast. But I mean lets take a moment to admire the scene when did the NATO become the fighter for good and justice? Moreover, when did it start issuing warnings to its allies? I have to admit it’s a nice change though.

The thing that most rulers out there don’t understand you can’t fight your own people; they won’t let you, your allies won’t be too happy with you, and well you’ll expire (and the last ruler who expired was Sadam Hussein and he got hanged). So all you stupid, living in the medieval age’s rulers out there just get out you can’t win.

Moreover, all you rulers who don’t seem to see to your own messes and get your noses in other people’s trash the only thing you’re getting is the stink.

Marwa Arafa


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