Happy Valentine Egypt ( This year you are my Valentine )

Dear Me:

I know I’ve been a jerk for not talking to you more often and I apologize for every harm I’ve done to you , I’m truly sorry for taking you for granted and I regret not writing this to you earlier. On February 7th of each year from now on I will celebrate your existence one whole week before I celebrate anyone else’s. I promise to be the best friend you can ever dream of having. Dear me, let’s start over!”


That would probably be me last year this year I am different, I changed. Always thought of people who were just too stubborn to say I have been wrong ,people who pretend that being all grown up is all about just sticking to your word and not changing it no matter what as well stupid, childish and naive. I personally always thought of growing up as just sticking to your dream and admitting frankly when you have been wrong. I have been wrong.


Looking back at that paragraph, I noticed that I haven’t been such a jerk to me lately. In fact this year I have admired myself, stood up for what I believe in, told almost everyone I know how I truly feel about them (whether I like them, or they’re just “not my type of people”), and I was wrong in all the right ways. But unfortunately as I focused too much on myself I forgot about my home.


By home, I don’t mean my family, I don’t mean the couple of red bricks that build my house, and I don’t mean the shopping mall. Home is the land that carries me, the streets that I roam whenever I’m in pain and want to talk to someone that would just listen, the people that comfort me with their smiles and greetings on the street, the warmth that I feel when I hug a friend, and the neighborhood I grew up in. It’s where my heart is and no matter how many miles away from it; my eyes tear up as I land on its crowded streets. Home is where I am free of obligations, responsiblilties, explanations and conclusions. Home is where I feel safe, is where I feel TRUE FREEDOM. Home is the one thing you fight for till the end because Home is where family, friends, lovers and passion stay. Home is worth being lost for years just to find the way back to it. This Valentine my Valentine is my Home Egypt. The Nation I love, the place where I belong, the place that I am willing to fight for till death takes us apart.


You see as I got caught up on trying to improve me, I forgot about trying to improve my home. I forgot how strongly my words can influence the people around me. I forgot how powerful I was and how possible it was to make a change that my home would be proud of. A change that would begin with me, and end at the feet of my country. A change that would bring me closer to my brothers and sisters and unite us towards the greater good. A change that would leave this home a better place to live for our children. In order to make this change we shouldn’t just talk the talk.

We should want to give our home a gift, we should want to show our home how much we love it, we should care about it more often, and we should do all that we can to change what we don’t like about it even if it’s something as tiny as not littering.


This year, one week before Valentine’s Day, I will celebrate the beauty of my home, and the wonder of its existence. I will be the change I want to see in this home, and will not be afraid to speak to others about it. I will not hurt my home anymore, I will do my best to protect it and keep it clean, and I will certainly nourish it as much as I can. I will fight for it every single day. I will dream of its future by night and make these dreams come true by day.


This year, one week before Valentine’s Day why don’t we give out food to the less fortunate instead of buying a bunch of flowers that will wilt shortly? Why not tip waste collectors on the street, as a way to thank or motivate them? Why not buy a couple of seeds and plant trees infront of your building (win win situation)? Why not speak up and let your voice be heard, Why not support and stand by the people that are risking their lives to win your Home a better future these  people are just  like you, they might even have dreams much simpler than yours if you dont want to stand by them then for god’s sakes dont fight them not you too mercy please.


This year, one week before Valentine’s Day, I’m celebrating it differently because in times like these, there’s no room for teddy bears and chocolates, so who’s with me?!


Marwa Arafa


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