You Stay

Why do you stay? She can’t love you like me, I swear to God she can’t no one can.

Its no arrogance love and I’m certainly not being too pompous for little old you.

But no one will ever love you like I can, will, and do. I mean loving you this much even if you’re not mine, even if you never was and probably never will, loving you this much gives me rights DOESN’T IT???

Loving you with my heart, soul and creation gives me a right to claim your heart doesn’t it ?

I claim your heart darling I do.

And dare anyone place a higher bid than I, Dare ANYONE???

See no voices in the crowd baby, no voices no one dares to utter a stutter, afraid of me no they just respect my love for you something you never did and probably never will.

They respect me, they took the time to listen to my heart beats for their echo is so loud mountains shake. Mountains shake in the face of my love, in the face of my heart beat and you don’t. How ironic is that?

Shake, Listen, and I shall teach your heart how to see the signs of a love so pure that it shall rock you till the core.

Shake love, shake in fear, shake in confusion, shake in disappointment, shake in regret shake just shake.

No matter how and why you shake you must be better off than me, for do you know how painful it is to shake of the unknown, shake of pure desire, shake of want and need, SO SHAKE!!!

Shake maybe I’ll feel better this way darling just shake, shake for me.

Since understanding is out of the question ( I am no way near you to explain anyhow), and since sensing is also a far away dream ( since your heart is occupied with another), Shake. Shake to tears, maybe they can wash away my pain, maybe.

Maybe I can feel ok if you shake, so baby can you shake for me?

Will you, could you please? Please? Just shake.

What happened to me I am born to fly, to love a thousand times, at least I thought I was.

I used to look out the window and tell my dreams to the stars but now I just whisper my only desire to the dark.

I used to talk to the moon and to me he spoke. For to me the moon spoke, he was as a newborn uttering his first words.

He said ” I am yours. I shall be forever your companion, your rock. I shall listen and you shall have the floor for eternity to speak.”

I forced the moon to speak. This is how beautiful I am, I made the moon speak. What did she do? What did she do? I was destined for glory and a part of me wants to believe I still am but deep down I know that I will never be the same again, ever.

You see love does mend hearts and heal souls.

But love broke me, it did love.

Love broke me.

How could you love?

Haven’t I been preaching for your sake all my life?

Making people believe that you exist, when you seemed to do nothing but drive them through walls and end them up on hospital beds, didn’t I?

Me of all people how could you? Me I believed, I believed.

I still do, despite the odds I still do.

I just want to go HOME away from here.

I need to go away, to fly away, to go back home.

Though I don’t really know where that is any more I am pretty sure it will find me.

At least I hope.

Home find me I am here.

Find me.

For you are lost and I don’t have a clue where to find you so Home find me, find me.

I need to go away, I have had enough, I just want to go home.

But I am too smart for my own good even in being lost.

The one that broke thee, is the one that mends thee.

No one else shall ever succeed in patching up my broken heart but you.

And you are the farthest person away, yet actually you stay with me.

In thought, heart and soul.

You stay and will stay for some time of that I am sure, you stay….

Marwa Arafa


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