The World is YOURS =) Written for a Very Dear Friend <3


      Ever went out looking for something and ended up with something completely different yet amazingly, positively, incredibly, OUTSTANDING!!! I was looking for something ordinary and I found something magically phenomenal.

Now pardon me I do exaggerate some okay A LOT of times. But just imagine someone like me. A rebel, someone who appreciates the forgotten. Loves love and believes in unlimited, undefined, undivided love. A boy with a camera just like I hold my pen. Captures the light when there is only darkness to be found. A soul that knows how to look at the sky and pray to a God that he might not be sure most of the time of his mere existence yet he is a believer.

     He is devoted to beauty, married to devotion and having an affair with faith. He spreads hope as he holds it in his sleeves and pockets like extra change. He is no where near perfect yet he is perfectly imperfect and who can wish for more. He need to put his head on right some of the time and some other his twisted head leads him exactly where he needs to go.

     He thinks he is unlucky in love, he has no idea that to him there is no such thing as the one its only the ONLY. And that ain’t here just yet till then he will keep stepping stones.

     He sins, he errs never said he was perfect yet he knows he is wrong when he is and eventually will force his ferocious soul into obediance. He will fly, he fell and will continue to fall. For hearts like his the ground is like there temporary home, till they save enough energy to spread there wings again. Still needs to mature and still needs to see the so called cliche light but then it never was about getting there wasn’t it always about the ride. So darling do enjoy the ride.

     She is blessed though she doesn’t know it because she is cherished by a heart as gentle and profound as yours. She knows she feels yet maybe its not time yet and maybe she isn’t your only you’ll just need to hang around long enough to find that out for yourself.

     I am blessed though I don’t know you as good as I would like too but I want to I really do.

     In the end hold your camera high, keep an eager and attentive ear out for the little voices for they are the ones that pull you through, and of course keep one eye on the sky so you won’t forget your dreams yet another on the ground on the look out for pebbles down the rough path you had chosen.

     Kiss a girl each day even if its a little one, I mean a boy needs his practice for perfection. When no one is looking spread you hands out and twirl round and round till your head is light and your heart is pure again. Smile, read of love, life, and nature always. And of tragedy only to learn to avoid it. Keep your head high and spirit free. Know that you are loved.

Marwa Arafa


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