Revolution on the Self

           Politics the dreaded eight letter word that people seem to not only dread but also fight desperately to keep as far away from their “normal” lives as possible. Nevertheless, that’s impossible. Since almost everyone who tried to define politics throughout history agreed that it’s associated with power one way or another, we are delusional to convince ourselves that we can live our daily lives astray from politics.

        Who has the power controls the politics it’s as simple as that I don’t like it but it doesn’t look like that’s going to change any time soon. Before 25 Jan some very rare days, my dad used to drive me to school. One day I was actually awake and I noticed that the car had a medical kit and fire hydrant, I asked my dad about them. He told me that the government imposed rules that abide citizens to have them in their cars and if you were stopped, your car was searched and you didn’t have them you were fined.

I remember asking automatically after “Why do they fine people to keep fire hydrants in their cars isn’t it logical for people to do so on their own?”

My dad frowned as if I had said something extremely annoying and said, “Well it ain’t pretty when you’re fined a thousand pounds.”

       I thought about that long and hard and came to a frightening conclusion maybe the Egyptian people’s mentality need to be treated this way through punishment maybe that’s the only right way to protect them from themselves. I mean they have always treated the government like their long lost parents.

      There was this phrase in a movie for Youssef Chahine “The problem with the Egyptian population is that it treats the government as if it’s their mothers and fathers and actually its neither.”

     Is the power of force the only way to make the Egyptians oblige to the rules is it really? Because if it is that just freaks me out.

     Of course 25 Jan Revolution, (I personally believe it’s more of an uprising then revolution) was hope it threw all these “misconceptions” in the trash, or people believed it did. It proved the complete opposite. Media Censorship that people have fought against for decades now even normal citizens through citizen journalism, after the 25th of Jan was abolished of course. That was great news people worked harder, and had more room for opinions and views and editorials. At the same time rumors spread, corrupt journalists and media personnel used the new situation to their own advantage and some people started thinking that the Media and Communication Ministry was right to oppose such harsh censorship rules and regulations. Which is quite ironic actually, I mean I never thought the only problem was the government or the system but PEOPLE.

     People don’t change overnight and I believe that now more than ever I really do. However, all the initiatives that were taken to help use the fertile atmosphere for change after the revolution were thrown against the wall. People curse traffic police officers they used to shiver from, people break lights, throw enormous amounts of garbage in the streets, vandalize public property and so much more.

     All the power that was imposed on us to suit certain elites interests and politics, that unjust power and dirty politics that we revolted against is now looking at us and smirking and telling us there will come a day when you wish the autocratic corrupt regimes were back to stay. How pathetic is that and how pathetic are we?

     All the young journalists that fought to get their pieces published and got kicked out by security from their editors offices, all those workers that camped out for days outside the ministry of justice and city hall, all that sacred blood that revived our beautiful Egypt is it really all gone to vain? Isn’t the strongest power of all the power over our own selves? Isn’t the most important revolution is the revolution on our own selves to force ourselves to change?

     All that injustice and misuse of power will we wait till the day comes when people will say that Egypt can’t be ruled but by a Dictator. Will this day come? God how I dread that. Will our conscious wake up any time soon and revolt on our own corrupted souls and minds? Or will we take this country back farther than the thieves and crooks did? We are our own problems; we are our biggest problem of all. So will we change?

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