On HIS way to YOU

She thinks she’s LOST, I know she’s this close to be found once and for all.

But she’ll never know how close she is to the answer she’ll never know how close she is to figuring it all out.

I tried to help, I yelled, screamed and shouted on the top of my lungs.

It didn’t work and I wasn’t waiting for it to I really wasn’t but I had to say it anyway because I love you, and I am your friend and this is what friends do.

They say it anyway. Regardless of anything, they just do ANYWAY.

You had to figure it out on your own like you always do.

You think we help you, you think we lead you with our advice and fancy shmanzy words, we don’t you lead us with your spirit and pure heart, we just say what needs to be said, that’s all.

I GET you, you know I do, not because only I can relate but mostly because I can feel.

For you do not need someone to understand or get you and there is not much to get anyhow but you do need someone to feel.

Wars don’t inspire you neither do revolutions and that’s not a bad thing because you are interested in the beautiful things in life not the dark or blue.

I have been quite for quite sometime now waiting for you to figure it out on your own but you didn’t.

You see you were so manifested and compelled in the idea of finding a solution to a non existing problem.

You thought you lost it, your Mojo, you thought you were in cross roads of your life, you thought this and you thought that.

And I let you think whatever you want to, there was no stopping you. You are smart but too smart for your own good I am afraid.

Sweetie you’re not going through a life changing period in your life.

You are just growing up from the cute little girl with paint on the tip of her noes to the amazing young woman with paint covering her work overalls, hands and face.

You’re just growing up.

Trying to find where you are and where you’re going.

But to be honest that’s not the important thing not really.

You want love, you simply want love NOW.

You feel like you have waited long enough and you want love now.

Your brain is shut on it and your heart is simply way too weak to move a step further but you know what its not tired because it needs love to refuel its cause you got caught up in the idea of questing for love that your heart thought love so close he could taste it.

When really your time is not here yet. So are you going to stop your heart, mind and soul and wait on love to come around.

Are you willing to waste all that time ?

Really are you ?

You gave in to your want and need, you gave in.

That mixed with the bad in the world brought you to where you stand today.

Not lost by nature but lost by choice.

I am not going to say to you that you’re time is yet to come and just go on with your life and love will come when you least expect it.

I am going to cry with you, yes CRY.

Because it sucks and its not fair and you deserve to be happy now not only tomorrow.

But darling you focusing, wishing and fantasizing so hard about that one aspect of your life is causing you to lose touch with everything else.

You are losing time, precious time waiting on love to come.

Remember the quote that said if you want something hard enough you will simply close your eyes and it will come to you.

That’s simply crap, everything comes in the right time and place and we don’t get to choose.

We don’t have a hand in our own destiny and that’s the truth.

We can try and throw ourselves out there with all our might and still in the end God will let what he sees fit takes place.

Its simply complicated and sadly desperate.

I know that your sick with frustration and mad with want and weak with need.

But you need to learn to make do with the people you have in your life, cherish and love them.

I swear one day soon he will come. He will.

He is out there looking for you, or he’s too scared to speak and say what’s on his mind, or he’s just too confused too figure it all out yet.

But he is coming, he is there.

You just need to believe in HIM, believe in GOD, believe in how BEAUTIFUL YOU REALLY ARE.

All my words are useless if you don’t believe.

The problem is not you losing your inspiration its you losing YOU.  

You gotta keep the faith love.

Tomorrow is beautiful and so are YOU.

Marwa Arafa


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