Love Moves in Mysterious Ways My very FIRST Blog Post ^_^

Yes I love you, yes I can’t get you out of my mind, yes yes I love you I really do, and well again darling I love you.

I decided to write about my adventures in love, no they aren’t you’re usual go to a movie and fight over who is paying for the popcorn relationships.

Actually I ain’t sure they could be called relationships to begin with but well this for the poor minds who are reading this to judge. Poor them really I pity who will ever read this.

For now its only me anyway but well life like love moves in mysterious ways, today its just me tomorrow its the world.

Anyway I took the decision to begin writing even start this blog because writing helps me make sense of my life and I really need that right now.

Sense so here I am. I just hope I don’t live to regret this.

I always tell people if you’re trying to make sense of something that just seems and lets stress on seems too freaking complicated ( I have a theory life ain’t complicated because the almighty ain’t complicated, PEOPLE complicate things, PEOPLE make a mess out of life, and that’s probably why I hate all the phrases that are even remotely connected to screw life for screwing me over, ass hole you screw your self over leave life out of it ) anyway yes if you’re trying to make sense of something that SEEMS too damn complicated start with the end.

Period just find the end and let a friend give you a starting shove, just a little one and you’ll be on your way. So I will start my Love Life Fiasco Tale that I will live to regret telling from the end.

I love him and as I move a long you will learn that I have seen enough to know that I really do love him.

I believe in a lot of crappy things that don’t make much sense to a lot of people but me, as you read on you will get used to it at least I hope you do or we’re going to have a real fix to get ourselves out of.

I have faith eventually even if you don’t agree with my ” Stupid” “Idiotic” “Naive” gestures ( that’s what SANE people call them) you will learn to respect them as they are part of me.

Or you will just suck it up in order to get this huge dosage of scary bluntness.

I believe ( here is a warning for beginners) that if you love someone you have to tell them.

They deserve to know, they deserve to know that they are loved, adored, even worshiped.

They deserve to know as they put there heads down on the pillow, looking dreamly out of the window that someone under the starlit sky loves them tonight.

That someone is scouting the gloomy night skies for a shooting star so they can make a wish of not you being there’s forever but for them being yours forever.

How can you live with yourself having deprived the person you love something like that ?

How could you sleep at night ?

And ironically of all the people in the world you do it to the one soul you love.

Goodness Gracious and I am the crazy one.

People let go love and let your tongues be led by your hearts and souls.

Just say I love you.

Be your own luck, get out there and get your own happiness for yourself.

We all know the saying that says if you believe in something or love  someone so much that your heart is about to stop still out of pure passion, let it go and if its yours it will find its way back to you.

That’s just a load full of B.S. the one you love comes to you after he has suffered from a million heartaches and went threw hell three times to find his way back to you.

When he’s finally here he says where were you love all this time and you say I was waiting for YOU.

How pathetic is that ?

All that time wasted gone all this heartache that will never go away for what ? for what ?

Because you were a pussy and didn’t stand your ground and force you’re love to see that if he goes around the world a thousand times he will never find a love more sincere than yours.

You let him, you let him go and if anything I pity you.

You Let Him GO, Poor poor YOU.

And you ask thee maybe I am too naive to see, you doubt you’re heart, strangle your soul, and cuff your throat.

Well what if you were wrong ? what if ?

What if he was meant to be with his ex instead ?

What if he would make me live in misery forever after ?

What if this isn’t my Cinderella Story ? What if ? What if ?

Gosh is there such a thing as fairy tales ?

Are they just fragments of troubled minds to make sure less fortunate souls keep moving on ?

All those what ifs in your pretty little head making your mind explode.

I do really feel sorry for you. I really do.

But not because of the circus in your mind, its for what the circus will deprive you from happiness, love, adventure, hope,…

Be careful think have your guard up but know when to let go as well.

Take risks live and love.

Because as cliche as it really sounds love you only live once.

Don’t wait for the fairy tale in the near or distant future, you falling in your lover’s path is a fairy tale in its own.

Falling in love, having goosebumps and tears of want that’s your fairy tale right there.

A lot of people prefer to play it safe but at the end of the day I would rather be sleepless out of want and desire then doubt and regret, WON’T YOU ?

Love Won’t You ?


Tell your best friend of a life time that you love him,

the kind of love that makes your skin have goose pimples when you talk about him

and not the warmth in the heart only.


Tell the man or boy you love that you love them for a man will never forget that moment

and will appreciate and cherish it forever,

and for a boy it will be a step in the long road to his manhood.


Tell the women you love that you love her

she isn’t too sophisticated or smart or classy for you,

if she chooses you she will be forever yours and nothing else will ever matter silly.


Tell the girl you love that you love her.

If she misses her daddy be her backbone, her stone to lean on.

If she needs a lover take her into your arms and kiss her with the love and passion of Anthony and make her your Cleopatra, your Guinevere.

 If she needs a brother be her saviour and never let her feel unprotected, unguarded or unshielded from the thugs and low lives of the world.


If he does tell you he loves you make sure you know that

from this moment on you are a mother, a sister, a daughter,

and above all that a lover so may God be with you

and I will grant you my prayers may they aid you on your way HOME

into your lover’s, father’s, brother’s, son’s arms

for from now on you shall be the world to each other.


People may and will come and go but forever after you shall be by each others sides.

I bet you didn’t have a clue my love fiascos will turn out like this well neither did I.


But may this be a lesson to me before you, a revision on the basics.


A reminder to me and a journey for you.


Now we’ll have to continue this another day

we are no where near the end just you wait and you’ll see.

Marwa Arafa


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