Let’s Fall =)

So do I ? Shall I ? Dare I ? Go for it, him ???

Pursuit let go AGAIN!!!

Or do I put all my ridiculous experience to good use and actually attempt to play my cards RIGHT?

In my naive view in retrospect of all the shitty pit holes I allowed myself to fall in, of course.

Or will the time I start playing smart be the only time I am supposed to fall for Mr. Right ? Fall!!!

I fell before, hard and shattered a million pieces too.

But they do say that there is a falling without the shattering part, if there is I ain’t seen it, yet.

I always like to add yet.

So is the yet coming to an end or is this another jump from a twelve story building ?

Oh sorry yes I am falling in love again and no I’m not drooling over every single guy that comes around my block.

And yes you can love more than one person at the same time and it doesn’t mean that you are incapable of loving it just means that your heart is bigger than anyone else’s, as simple as that.

I can’t quite move up yet but I’m moving on.

You know what say what you want I love love and I can’t help it so if you’re gonna judge me judge me for that, loving love.

Because you know what I just realised that it is time to fall yet again.

Whether I’ll fall smartly or stupidly, I’ll fall in the end we just fall.

I am ready to fall again. So let’s fall.

The question is will I be caught before I hit the ground this time ?

Marwa Arafa

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