Dumbdey dey Dumb

And then you decide to come back and love me again and foolish me I open my arms for you AGAIN and give it my all give you everything I can and everything you dont deserve, every single time I do and you go on again breaking my heart and soul and leaving me with all these scars to live with forever always .

 But you know what I am not the foolish one you are bec you dont appreciate someone like me, someone you can be sure that you’re going to come HOME and find waiting for you.So actually DUMB YOU and DUMB ME too bec I love you. I love you so much it hurts to even breathe around you.

I want you and just you and I dont know why? Many come and go but you never leave me its like you’re engraved in my soul.I am sooooooo scared that I am actually starting to hurt the people I care for bec of the pain you are inflicting on me and I apologize to them I am sorry forgive me please do.

 You are causing me to lose me, you’re breaking things that only you could fix and you’re not even around and if you are you dont pay attention you see what you only want to see you only hear your own echo.

But I still love you and I have no idea why?

Marwa Arafa


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