Kiss Me

Kiss me, kiss me senseless she screamed, kiss me.

Why are you so scared ? What are you scared of ? Kiss me, NOW!!!

Demand my love, attention and kiss me.

Kiss me hard, don’t sweep me away that’s bull shit, but absorb me completely take me in and force me to look into those beautiful eyes of yours.

Force me to look, force me to see please don’t love me silently.

Silent love is like salt on open wounds, hurts like hell and never heals.

So kiss me, you say society forbids you, screw society.

Screw customs, rules, laws and traditions, screw them all.

Just let go this once and kiss me.

Its one kiss what are you afraid of ?

That after it you will have to face your emotions, fears, denial and deal with your love to me once and for all.

Its gonna happen eventually so why don’t you just crown it with a kiss.

A kiss of desire, of want, of need, a passionate kiss, and no I don’t take matters of the heart or expressions of love lightly.

To me a kiss is a promise, its you giving me your word that you will come again and that this ain’t over yet.

Is that what you’re scared off ?

That I’ll come and threaten you and turn your life upside down wanting more than a mere kiss.

Well I already did, you fool, your heart is mine, all mine.

I haunt your thoughts, dreams.

I give you nightmares and no the want won’t decrease after kissing me and you will be the one clinging to your heart after midnight in pain of pure want.

Clinging and clutching wanting me more than you’ve ever wanted anyone else.

You before me. You before me.

Maybe to me you are just a childish love.

But to you I have become an obsession, don’t you dare deny it.

I know, I know everything. I can feel you.

I can feel it all.

So just come, let yourself go and come to me.

I won’t promise open arms and yes yes you will get a piece of my mind for making me wait this long.

But in the end you will be in your temporary home.

Maybe not where you belong, certainly not where I belong but then who knows?

Maybe just maybe. You never know.

Maybe I do become your Home or maybe your arms turn out to be big enough for the woman I am.

But for now you are no Messiah just another lost boy who needs time to find his way into my arms.

I am tempted to add that I have had my share of boys for a life time they need constant care and pampering and are far from satisfactory.

But just you and then I’m done but then you never know.

Just you.

Marwa Arafa


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